Our 3 Step Approach

We simply provide Service, Choice and Advice to our clients, 6 days a week until 7pm. 

1. We ensure our clients are kept fully informed and involved with every facet of the loan application process.

2. We commit to always provide an expert, professional, organised and diligent credit advice service.

3. Empower our clients to maximise their potential for future financial security.

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What we do

Initial Consultation

We work with you to identify your immediate finance needs, your medium and long term goals, your priorities, key frustrations and what you ideally seek from your preferred lending partner.


Presentation Meeting

Client for Life

We will then ascertain your borrowing capacity, research and shortlist appropriate loan options that best suit you.

At this meeting we present our recommendations and proceed to prepare,  submit and actively manage your loan application, liaising with the lender when necessary.

As a lifetime client of NestFinance, we guarantee to check in with you 6 weeks after your loan settles and maintain accurate, up-to-date and confidential records. We also offer an Annual Home Loan Health Check to ensure you are continuing to receive the best product for your needs.